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Concept art! Excerpts! Etc, etc, etc! [08 Nov 2005|11:19pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Just posting (prompted by Tsu, who is awesome) to let you know that excerpts and concept art postings are always welcome, whether you are looking for crits or not (just be sure to specify). Keep writings more than one page and all concept art under lj-cuts, if you don't mind, I'm not a strict enforcer, and I haven't seen any problems with it yet. I know many of you are (or were) working on your OS worlds for NaNoWriMo, which is an awesome way to get your mind on your creations again, even if you really have no intentions of finishing or publishing or whatever.

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[30 Oct 2005|02:15pm]

Thought it would be appropriate to make a new post here now, after a long while x)

anycrow. I've updated a specie of mine, namely the Firesnake.


thats what it looks like now. :p


The firesnake is an Infernal creature, like other infernals it is all about immune to heat (unless its plasma-hot). A firesnake is a reptile which can get up to 2 meters from nose to end of body. A ridge of spikes stands out from its snout and runs up to the top of its head. It ressembles the surface reptiles very much with the exception that these creatures can manipulate up to two things without actually touching them. The firesnakes also have glowing yellow eyes. The firesnakes also has the ability to cough up a flamable liquid that will ignite upon contact with oxygen, hence the name 'Firesnake'


The firesnakes are native to one of the layers of the 'underworld'. They live in larger caves where they have set up small dwellings and villages. The infernal firesnakes lives in a matriarchial society, led by the silver firesnake Shazuya. Firesnakes are adept at smithing and crude mechanics (despite the fact that they don't have any arms), which makes them rather valuable to the Infernal Alliance they are part of. Each dwelling has its own 'sub-matriarch' which rules over the said dwelling. these village leaders are elected by all members of the village.


Firesnakes can get insanely old, but most tend to die of age at 30 years. (Firesnakes of the 'Ancient' subspecies can get reeeeally old)


There are firesnakes that deviate from the others in appearance. These are refered to as 'subspecies'.
These subspecies belong to three different categories, which are Ancient-, Infernal- and Dark/Traitor-categories.

The Ancient group has the following 'subspecies'.
Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platina.
The Ancient firesnakes have a high concentration of rare metals and minerals in their scales, giving them a distinct appearance. The Ancient firesnakes are hatched just like the others, but due to a small genetic deviation, they are given these 'metalic' scales. The ancient firesnake must replenish their scales by consuming ore containing the mineral/metal, otherwise their scales will turn to the 'default' green colour. Ancient Firesnakes are often put in office, no matter if they are actually the best candidate.
Ancients appear both in the Infernal and the Dark 'societies'.

The Infernal group has the following 'subspecies'.
Green, Red and Gray.
Like the Dark/Traitor-group, the Infernal firesnakes has normal chitin scales. The colours of their scales does in no way represent their abilities, altho the green is the most common colour.

The Dark/Traitor group has the following 'subspecies'.
(dark)Green, Blue, Gray and Black.

The dark firesnakes have a society of their own. They were expelled from the underworld a long time ago and are currently inhabiting caverns way closer to the surface. These firesnakes has trough the generations lost the ability to spew flamable liquids and instead adapted to the cooler climate. The dark firesnakes live in a slightly more democratic society where the leader is elected for a 2-year term. Unlike the infernals, the Dark firesnakes live in smaller clans, which usually consists of one or two dwellings. Dark firesnakes also has a shorter lifespan than infernal ones.

that be it :D
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Turtle land... [04 Aug 2005|04:27pm]

Cut for your convenience! Turtles ahoy.Collapse )
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[13 May 2005|08:40pm]

Copy/patse the link, geocities is tempermental like that, plus it's huge. Prepare yourself for 3000 x 1000 jpg family tree.

I think I've posted the left half of this before... but I love doing family trees. I know, you horse people out there, that this is all wrong for horse color genetics, and it is supposed to be. These aren't horses. Hence the greens and zebra (actually quagga) stripes and creative combonations thereof. The right side of the family tree will eventually be extended through to G6 like the left side is, I just haven't had a chance to get there yet. I'm just showing off what I have so far, since I've worked so rediculously long and hard on it. You might notice that the left side is far more entangled with unacknowledged offspring and inbreeding than the other half- that's because they're the "royal" family and tend to get much more wrapped up in scandal and politics.

Everyone else, feel free to post concept images and anything you'd like feedback on. I know Tallon has an awesome family tree of quite some magnitude herself, though I don't know if anyone else does.
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[16 Apr 2005|03:50pm]

...and I guess I'll fill this out too. I don't really want to stick it on the end of my other Enkudon entry though.

1) What is the setting for this/these species?
Enkudon (and my other species that are in the early stages of development) live on a planet known as Terravind. I assume that it's in an entirely different galaxy than our own. They have never come in contact with humans and never will. Unless I think of a good story that involves that happenening, that is. But for now, no.

2) What is the species status on this world? Are they the prominent sentient species? Are they the only intelligent species? Are they populous, or in danger of extinction? Are they the end-all carnivore, an opportunistic omnivore, a gentle herbivore? Warlike or peaceful? Do other species coexist peacefully, or fear them?

Enkudon are the most prominent species, having intelligence that is equal to ours, if not above. Generally, Enkudon try not engage in war against other tribes. However like how we hold boxing and martial arts as sports, enkudon have similar "fighting" sports.

Enkudon are omnivores, but eat mostly meat. So far I've only created their prey, but I'm sure that there are other species on Terravind that coexist with the enkudon and not as prey.

3) What other species do they coexist with? Do they have to live with/around humans? Similar species? How has it shaped their culture/habits? Are their prey animals unintelligent? Are the species around them real animals, or other "original species"?

There are three other species on Terravind that coexist with the enkudon: the minyara, the selupaa, and the pallus bird. These are also "original species" but their development is very limited. Minyara are actually very intelligent and their ruling system is similar to a monarchy. Selupaa are the equivalent of african bovids (is that the right term?) and pallus birds are...well, birds. Other species have yet to be "discovered". (created)

4) How far have they expanded? Somewhat tied into question 2. Are there many, or few? Do they live in an isolated pocket, or do they dominate the entire planet? Just one continent, only the accessible parts, or all of it?

The shorthorn-variety of enkudon live in the plains regions, while the sabrehorn enkudon live in more mountainous areas. They are spread widely around the planet and live in tribes of varying sizes.

5) Are there different species or variations within the world? Some suited for a harsher climate, some suited to camouflage in the jungle? If they live in different ecosystems, do they have different prey, and different tactics for procuring food?

As mentioned above, there are two known variations of enkudon: sabrehorn and shorthorn. Sabrehorn are more adapted for colder temperatures and navigating rocky terrain. Their diet varies slightly from the shorthorn as there are also other species that live in the mountains as well. Shorthorn enkudon are more suited for warmer temperatures.
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[16 Apr 2005|03:03pm]

Wow...this place is really inactive. Figured I'd post this here...anyone have any critques and/or comments?

Name- Enkudon (same for singluar and plural)

Setting- a planet known as Terravind (working name, may change later)

Type- Feline with slight canine characteristics

Purpose- for fun, but a story might evolve later

Social- Enkudon live in a complex society of guilds or "houses" in which members are essentially "sorted" into various guilds when they reach adolecence. At the moment there are 2 "royal" guilds who govern the community and are in charge of guild assignments based on observation. Sort of like in The Giver.

Adolecents are assigned to guilds based on their aptitudes such as art, music, healing, alchemy, hunting, fighting, spiritualism, etc. A ceremony is held where the adolecents are told their guild assignment and their name is completed. Enkudon cubs are given a partial name at birth and a complete name during the adolecence ceremony. Generally, the name will be completed with a suffix that relates to their guild assignment. (i.e. Nyalis, house of Alis; cub name: Nya) Each house has a myriad of suffixes which are chosen to compliment the partial name.

Cubs born into "royal" guilds are exempt from guild assignments and receive suffixes relating to their guild at adolescence at a seperate ceremony.

Generally, enkudon will choose mates from their own guild, though it is not uncommon to find interguild couples. Friendships between members of different guilds are very normal.

Guild members are often very close and consider each other family. Usually members of the same guild will refer to each other by their cubhood partial name because they all have similar suffixes in their full names. Within biological families, cub names are generally used affectionately as pet names or nicknames, even if they are of different guilds. It is considered rude for members of other guilds to refer to enkudon who belong to a differnt guild by their cub name unless they know each other personally.

There are two types of enkudon: mountain enkudon (known as the sabrehorn enkudon) and plains enkudon. (known as the shorthorn enkudon) Other subspecies have yet to be discovered, though it is rumored that there may be a winged subspecies.

Sabrehorns have smaller communities and fewer guilds. They have two long sabre-like horns coming out of their heads and their ear horns are much shorter. They also have longer lateral manes and shorter tails. They are generally larger in build than shorthort enkudon.

Shorthorns have larger communities and many guilds. Their horns are shorter than the sabrehorn and have an angular "S" shape. Their ear horns are long and thin. They have a more slim build than the sabrehorns.

Diet- Enkudon are omnivores, though their diet consists of mainly meat. Favored prey of shortner enkudon are minyaras and selupaas, and pallus birds if they can get their paws on them. (minyara and selupaa species are still in development) Kills are taken back to the community by the hunting party and the valuable parts of the animal are removed from the creature before being taken to the bartering grounds to be traded. For example, pallus bird feathers and selupaa horns are removed before trading.

Sophistication- Enkudon have religious beliefs similar to those of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and vaious temples are built in honor of their creation goddess and the patron deities of which the guilds are named after. (of which I am still in the process of developing) I haven't yet decided whether or not to develop a written language for the enkudon though. They have no known currency; goods are bartered for other items of equal or greater value. Some more wealthy enkudon will barter with crystals or shells or valuable parts of other animals. (i.e. pallus bird feathers are often used in decoration, while selupaa horns have medicinal qualities.)

Originality- From what I know, enkudon are the first created species to have horns on their ears.

Plans- I may make a website about them, but more development would be needed. I might also write a story, but that is also uncertain. Not really expecting to publish anything though.

Plot- No story as of yet.

Age- The first concept of the enkudon was created probably sometime in 2002, the exact date is unknown. They were first introduced to the internet Dec. 6th, 2002. At that time, they were horribly under developed and no official pictures had been drawn. Stil very much a concept. I kind of left them alone for a while after that, picked it up again sometime later, then set them aside again. Recently I started developing their culture.

So the idea would probably be about...3 years old. But I'm not comfortable enough with their degree of devlopment to consider them a fully-fledged original species since I sort of borrowed ideas from other sources.
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[10 Apr 2005|05:29pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Hmm, LJ ate my old post? Oh well, I'll just re-post, but with the main species.

Name- Alcvus
Setting- The planet Xanadu, in the future.
Type- Kinda original, they are monotremes though..
Purpose- For fun and maybe one day for a comic..
Social- Alcvus live in large groups called Troups. There are 18 troups in all on Xanadu. Each troup covers a large area of land, has many cities where the alcvus live, and are ruled over by an Alpha pair. Alcvus have tamed a few animals like the vesper and turird.
Diet- Mainly fish and other water critters, but enjoy fruit and other meats.
Sophistication- Alcvus are of the same intellegence of humans just behind them in their history. In human terms, alcvus are in their hunter/grather stage and have simple tools. They build strong nest up in tree where they live. They have a written language and trade between different troups. They have a set of laws and the start of a goverment. Alcvus are also polytheistic with their gods taking the form of anthropomorphic Xanaduian animals.
Originality- Well, they're monotremes..I don't recall any original monotremes species.
Plans- Like I said before..maybe a comic.., but I have no idea right now.
Plot- Well, in the future, human's go into space and discover the planet Xanadu. They land, met the Alcvus, and have crazy mis-adventures. Yep,...I'm still working on it...^^;;
Age- Ooo, probably about two years..

I also have a LJ for Xanadu: planetxanadu

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[10 Apr 2005|07:29pm]

I'll re-add my other entry as it seems to have gone AWOL.

the Felis Contuna (common names, Crying Cat/Sobber)

1)These large cats inhabits large parts of North america and parts of South America. They started appearing around 2070, their origins pretty much unknown. These cats quickly adapted to the varying North American climates and even began inhabiting urban areas, leading to much conflict between humans and the Felis Contunae.

2) The Felis Contuna is just as sentient as most other felines, perhaps they have a little edge of being more intelligent and making somewhat complex plans for removing bothersome human individuals (hunters, trappers etc). They are very numerous and kind of directly compete with humans for space of existance. These fearsome predatory animals will hunt anything they can overpower, as individuals or as short-lived 'alliances'. Other species will have a healthy respect of them, just as most humans have got after some while. The Felis Contuna is the single most dangerous large animal to ever have impact on the human society of the american continents as they consider humans to be legal prey. Traps and hired hunters have proved to be ineffective as these animals have a certain amount of rational thought, giving them the upper hand/paw in many situations when the hunter has become the hunted.

3) The other species the Felis Contuna coexists with are mainly native american animals for the local habitat. The only other felines the Felis Contuna is in contact with are the Cougars and Jaguars, neither posing much of a threat other than for territorial disputes. There are a few other 'odd' out of the picture species around, such as the Modocis Deviator (Skullsnake) and the Thahethan tree parasite. They do on some occurences encounter Wolf and Cougar wraiths, as well as skeletal snakes, but the three last does not have any impact whatsoever on the Felis Contuna population. the Human .> Felis Contuna relation is a very bad one, as the Felis Contuna has more or less invaded the countryside and many urban areas and cities, and has no qualms whatsoever of killing and eating humans.

4) from the first confirmed sighting somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, they have spread to cover most of the North American landmass, save desert areas and the northern states. To the south, it has expanded trough central america and into the jungles of South America. There are an unknown number of them and, as cats tend to do, they have large territories to prowl, smaller in urban areas. They directly compete with humans for their habitat and can at some points even be seen as the dominant of the two. (as humans has taken it to staying at home all the time, inside).

5) there are three distinct variations of the Felis Contuna. the most common is the 'Field' variant, who has a muddy brown main colouring, slightly lighter belly and 'shade' areas. The other variations are the Urban Felis Contuna, which has an asphalty grayish fur and various shades of gray to blend better in the cities. the last one is the Jungle Felis Contuna, who has dark browngrayish fur combined with an irregular mix of spots, short stripes and rosettes (like leopards have). All the three variations have dark brown/black horns and their tailspikes are always black.

The urban variety mostly hunt humans and other city dwelling creatures such as dogs, birds, cats... anything. The Urban variety also has the knack of finding their way into buildings and opening closed doors (not locked ones, of course). The urban Felis Contuna also has a very odd behavior, as it some times will stalk a person with the only intention to scare the said person at any given moment. They might do it for their own amusement.

The Jungle variants habits are largely unknown due to few daring to study them closer.

and lastly, the 'Field' variant pretty much preys upon woodland creatures and whatever it can come across, such as cattle, squirrels, anything really. The Field felis COntuna is the only of the three types that actually use its head-horns for hunting. It will do a bull-charge with head lowered rather than sneaking upon their prey like most other cats do.


Pictures! :D

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New [10 Apr 2005|03:15pm]

I just found this community on a break from writing papers, and thought I'd start by filling out the questionnaire I saw on the most recent post by vekke
I'm currently working a little bit on 'future animals' and creating something different from Dougal Dixon's animals or those seen in 'The Future is Wild'. I a preliminary sketch up on Sheezyart, but it's down now so I'll have to wait until later to post. When I get more free time I'd like to create whole environments, but I'm busy with classwork right now.

1) What is the setting for this/these species? Earth in the future, thinking maybe 10 million years but may change

2) What is the species status on this world? common ungulate, browser, undecided whether its rodent or lagamorph

3) What other species do they coexist with? trying to think of others, will be able to when I get more time, but thinking of a carnivorous pig descendant

4) How far have they expanded? currently worldwide

5) Are there different species or variations within the world? Not yet, needs more time
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Information, I implore thee [18 Feb 2005|04:51pm]

I have a problem. More like a dilemma. In my story, I just realized that I'm going to have to write an equine battle scene. A one-on-one encounter is inevitable, an army-vs-army is likely.

I have more experience with zebras and bovids than horses, but the general impression I get from those is a highly ritualized, low-risk display to intimidate the other without taking heavy casualties. And it's all one-on-one. The only difference between my created species and normal horses is that 1) they are around 4 ft tall at the shoulder but built like draft horses, and 2) they've been selectively bred to think like humans. Not in the sense that they are creative or terribly bent around moral codes, but that they think logically and can use past memories to form tactics. They probably wouldn't use guerilla warfare, and they have no weapons or armor.

I need some information on the following, if anyone has any experience with them.
1) If you've ever seen horses fight, please describe in detail. Mention whether it was over a mare, over territory, against another species fighting for its life, etc.
2) If you have information on (medieval/Arab/Chinese/any other culture that raised them) war horses in battle, that'd be great. How do they react to violence, loud noises, blood, confusion, each other, etc. What they do without a rider.

Plus, if you know of any books with good equine battles, that'd be good. All I can think of are a few unicorn and deer books that have battles, but they all have antlers or horns or magic of some kind.

x-posted to talking_animals
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Help with species naming.... [28 Jul 2004|02:33pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I've been wanting to post this for quite a while now, but... I keep getting nervous or something and not posting it. n_n;

I've got a species that has gone years now without a name. I've developed them, and I love thinking of story ideas and such, but I just can't come up with name for them. They're pretty much a feline type animal with three tails, icy coats, and wings. Not very original, I know, but I made them a very long time ago and I've always kept developing them, even without a name.

How do you guys come up with the names for your species? Anyone willing to help me think of something? Thanks to anyone who reads, and even bigger thanks to comments.


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Tigan (if anyone reads all this. . . I praise you XD) [26 Jun 2004|09:10pm]

Location Amalia Galaxy
Age Approx. 2 Million years
Orbit 150,000,000 km from Sun
Diameter 71,492
Year Length 300 days
Day Length 25 hours
Moons G'tie: blue moon H'lon: Silver, larger moon.

Up in the North, in the Universe Homeland, it stays night most of the time, due to the planets unusal tilt. Yet, even with the tilt, the southern most area stays frozen, mainly because of the Tigan who live there keep it that way. That is true in other places on the planet as well. Where there are Lighting Tigan, there are lightning storms. Earth Tigan and jungles. Rock Tigan and endless sand and rocks. Fire Tigan, and the only volcano on the planet. And ect.

Read more...Collapse )
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[26 Jun 2004|08:55pm]
Name- I dunno yet.
Setting- On a planet, in the Enquine Galaxy, called...Jagda
Type- Feline.
Purpose- I really don't know. I wanted an orginal species. >_> And maybe I'll right some kind of story with them.
Social- Tribes. Different tribes. Tribes often have one leader, and there mate (can be either female or male). Usually the oldest offspring of the tribe leader will lead the tribe around. Tribes are very hostile torwards each other.
Diet- Omivore. They will eat almost any kind of meat or vegtable.
Originality- Hrmm..this wiil be long. I'll just post muh stuff here.

Longish wolf tail..usually silky and skinny, touches the ground

Lithe legs  strong but skinny

Somewhat hollow bones

Skinny body, like a cheetah

Muscular shoulders..gets skinnier in the back.

Tribal markings on shoulders

Can have any kinds of asscesories
(except clothing like shirts and pants and stuff can have capes and gloves and stuff like that)

Can have any kind of jewelry

Important, higher people have wings

Can have any design (mostly natural colors (any shade of brown, red, orange, yellow, black, white, grey) Although green can sometimes be in the pelt.

Tribal markings can be any color

Longish ears mostly folded back.

Never grow a full mane. males have chest and neck mane

Females only have neck and head mane

Longish muzzles

Anyshape nose

Long teeth have long fangs in the back of their mouths.

Eyes any color, except that the color of the iris the –white- of the eye is a lighter (or darker) shade of it.

Subspecies dunno what to call them
Ears are smaller
Fangs are at the beginning of the mouth..usually show
Males have no chest mane instead both males and females have just a neck mane that starts on top of the head and goes back (like Scars) except thinner.
Little smaller then the original tufts on their elbows

Other subspecies
White iris’ different color “white” of the eye
All males must have a gold earring if they are of age
Knee and shoulder tufts.

Plans- Devolp them, maybe write a story. ^_^

Plot- Dunno yet.

Age- Last month.

If you have suggestions for anything, please don't hesitat to say so...(as for names for the species or something) Or for description.
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Worlds and ecosystems [14 Mar 2004|04:24pm]

We should try to get some discussion, or at least some action going on here. I was recently rethinking my own species/ecosystem and wondered what everyone else's was like. Here's a questionnaire- you can fill it out in a separate post, and then questions or comment can be added to each one.

1) What is the setting for this/these species? Do they have their own planet? Do they live in a different universe entirely? Do they live on earth? Pre-human, coexisting with humans, at the same time as but not in contact with humans, or post-human?

2) What is the species status on this world? Are they the prominent sentient species? Are they the only intelligent species? Are they populous, or in danger of extinction? Are they the end-all carnivore, an opportunistic omnivore, a gentle herbivore? Warlike or peaceful? Do other species coexist peacefully, or fear them?

3) What other species do they coexist with? Do they have to live with/around humans? Similar species? How has it shaped their culture/habits? Are their prey animals unintelligent? Are the species around them real animals, or other "original species"?

4) How far have they expanded? Somewhat tied into question 2. Are there many, or few? Do they live in an isolated pocket, or do they dominate the entire planet? Just one continent, only the accessible parts, or all of it?

5) Are there different species or variations within the world? Some suited for a harsher climate, some suited to camouflage in the jungle? If they live in different ecosystems, do they have different prey, and different tactics for procuring food?

These questions are obviously more involved with those who have very developed, especially multiple, species. They're also rather helpful in developing your species.
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Tragelaphus unicornus [28 Sep 2003|11:01am]

Tragelaphus unicornus, a species concept I came up with a while back. Like it says in the devart description, it's a unicorn based off of a spiral horned antelope rather than a horse. Oddly enough, the classical unicorn description is closer to a spiral horned antelope than a horse or even than the oryx, which inspired the myth in the first place.

I haven't yet decided if they fit in the kifarasi world scape (see my first post here) or a parallell universe, or in the present day, or what. But they live in thick forests that humans haven't (often) invaded. The danger of their coat color is offset by their superiour sight and smell, meaning they can run away from a predator long before the predator knows they are there. Their young, not so sensitive to the outside world, are the most vulnerable, which is why it is so rare to see one. The hornless females and young are sometimes taken for albino deer. The males use their horns to defend themselves. They are more adept at it than other antelope because they have strong and flexible necks, meaning they can gouge any assailant within a yard of their head. Because of this, most small predators leave them alone when they venture out of hiding and go to drink- leading to the myth that they are magical. They are only two or three feet tall when full grown. They usually live in pairs, a female and a male with the female's most recent young. They prefer to congregate in small gourps, but it is difficult when line-of-sight is so severly limited by their habitat. They live about twenty years, old for an antelope species, and can mate at five years. Males do not fully grow their horn until they are ten or so, and thus most don't find a mate until then.

Just random thoughts on the species and such. No real order here. What does everyone think about them?
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[07 Sep 2003|01:17pm]

Hey y'all. :) How's life? I just wanted to make sure no one was forgetting this community. I'd post here myself, but I haven't had a chance to develop my species all summer.

Also, for those of you like me who never quite get around to sitting down and typing up the whole thing even though you've been working on it for ages, you might want to take a look at this link- suggested by raven_velith - http://www.nanowrimo.org/ You won't have to enter your novel, obviously, but it's a good resource to use and excuse to get yourself started.
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Weee...! [16 Jul 2003|09:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

...okay, this is the part where I stop being lazy and post something! :D Anywho, I have about 20+ critters, sooooo I'll just use m' favorite fer this(though...a parent shouldn't have a favorite child!)! ^-^;;

Name- Yuzu-yuzu (Pomumdentis bestia)
Setting- Da weird lil' sliver watered, blue sanded planet of mine, Xanadu! *snickers* Xanadu...
Type- Completely original, I guess. It kinda looks like an elephant/chameleon hyrbid. It's a monotreme by the way..
Purpose- Fer fun....and the fact that I have no life! XD
Social- They mate fer life, sharing their lil' patch of rain forset which they both scent mark daily with scent glands on their cheeks. The only creature Yuzu's really minded are the Sus because they also enjoy the Jiubjiub fruit and the Sus will attack(and snack on) a Yuzayuzu if annoyed with.
Diet- The yummy Jiubjiub fruit! It's goooood! ;D
Sophistication- About as smart as a chimp. They also have great memories.
Originality- Ummm...I don't know...dur..
Plans- Not really, Xanadu is really just something I created so I could draw stuff when I got bored...^-^;;
Plot- Once again, not really.
Age- I've been creatin' Xanadu the planet fer lil' over a year. The Yuzuyuzu's the 16th animal I've created fer Xanadu...the species about three months old..

Weeeee!! Now google at them and be ascared of their big, ol' eyes!! Like my friend! XD Blah, I need a place to put all my critters 'cause deviantart keeps banning me because of my ISP address thingie...double blah! X(

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Tsukiyoame [01 Jun 2003|11:35pm]

though i'd post this up here.. just since it seemed sort of dead.. a lil fake encyclopedia type entry i made..

A tsuki is lion-lepidoptera kind of creature.. sort of cliche.. but.. hey it's something..

some info:

baby tsukis are born without wings, but with thier adult colours. sometime as they grow thier bodied become covered in long silvery hairs, and when they moult this long caccoon of hair, thier new tiny wings are on thier backs.

lil tsukis would be far too rambunctious and would injure thier delicate wings.

a tsuki however never really grows up and they remain cheerful and curious to a fault thier whole lives.

a shiney pop can left behind will draw tsuki pairs to it like a magnet, and its not unusaul to see 50 or a hundred tsukis gathered around the object, seeming to materialize out of thin air and fighting amoungnst themselves for ownership.

Tsukiyoames are herbivoires, unless desperate, and then they might eat small insects. Tsukis favourite foods are peaches and nectarines, but they also love olives and grape vines... and grazing in poppy fields. With thier keen sense of smell, mountian tsukis love to dig up truffles much to the chagrin of the humans around them.
A tsuki is always hungry and will graze on grass and flowers if no better treats are availible.
In cold winter areas they dig through ice with thier very strong hind legs to find shoots, and also nibble on barks and twigs.

Tsukis pair up for life, some joing mating pairs of a male and female, and some just pair up with the same sex. A tsuki pair will usually keep to itself during the day but will tend to find other tsukis to curl up with a night. Sociable and pleasent, tsukis like to play with strangers and have no sense of ownership of territory.

A tsuki will chirp pleasently when meeting another tsuki, and they never roar.. only warble and sing.

on the sad ocaison a tsuki's mate dies, a tsuki will never take another. They will roll themselves in the wing powder of thier deceased loved one and lay by the body as long as they can stand the odour. A mourning tsuki will let out a long and loud call, like that of a loon... *which if you've ever heard, is quite heartbraking*

most surviving tsukis die soon after thier mates, looking like a ghost on earth as they wander about covered in the shimmering powder, not eating or drinking.

A lone tsuki who does live will usually avoid other tsukis from then on.. hiding amounst thick vegitation and mourning its love.

Tsukis like the water.. but must wait for thier wings to dry very carefully, as not to rub off the precious powder on them.

Tsukis have few natural predators, except the Minna, whose favourite snack is Tsuki wings. Many a tsuki has been lured to its death by a spirit minna hiding in the grass with thier shining iredencent head wings poking about. Unable to resist the sparkling object, the tsuki will walk right into the minna's trap.
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Weeee [25 May 2003|08:14pm]

I joined XD I got an original species.... Tigan. I got a whole website on em if ya wanna look at it -.o

So, hello people! bwahahah I have come.

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