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though i'd post this up here.. just since it seemed sort of dead.. a lil fake encyclopedia type entry i made..

A tsuki is lion-lepidoptera kind of creature.. sort of cliche.. but.. hey it's something..

some info:

baby tsukis are born without wings, but with thier adult colours. sometime as they grow thier bodied become covered in long silvery hairs, and when they moult this long caccoon of hair, thier new tiny wings are on thier backs.

lil tsukis would be far too rambunctious and would injure thier delicate wings.

a tsuki however never really grows up and they remain cheerful and curious to a fault thier whole lives.

a shiney pop can left behind will draw tsuki pairs to it like a magnet, and its not unusaul to see 50 or a hundred tsukis gathered around the object, seeming to materialize out of thin air and fighting amoungnst themselves for ownership.

Tsukiyoames are herbivoires, unless desperate, and then they might eat small insects. Tsukis favourite foods are peaches and nectarines, but they also love olives and grape vines... and grazing in poppy fields. With thier keen sense of smell, mountian tsukis love to dig up truffles much to the chagrin of the humans around them.
A tsuki is always hungry and will graze on grass and flowers if no better treats are availible.
In cold winter areas they dig through ice with thier very strong hind legs to find shoots, and also nibble on barks and twigs.

Tsukis pair up for life, some joing mating pairs of a male and female, and some just pair up with the same sex. A tsuki pair will usually keep to itself during the day but will tend to find other tsukis to curl up with a night. Sociable and pleasent, tsukis like to play with strangers and have no sense of ownership of territory.

A tsuki will chirp pleasently when meeting another tsuki, and they never roar.. only warble and sing.

on the sad ocaison a tsuki's mate dies, a tsuki will never take another. They will roll themselves in the wing powder of thier deceased loved one and lay by the body as long as they can stand the odour. A mourning tsuki will let out a long and loud call, like that of a loon... *which if you've ever heard, is quite heartbraking*

most surviving tsukis die soon after thier mates, looking like a ghost on earth as they wander about covered in the shimmering powder, not eating or drinking.

A lone tsuki who does live will usually avoid other tsukis from then on.. hiding amounst thick vegitation and mourning its love.

Tsukis like the water.. but must wait for thier wings to dry very carefully, as not to rub off the precious powder on them.

Tsukis have few natural predators, except the Minna, whose favourite snack is Tsuki wings. Many a tsuki has been lured to its death by a spirit minna hiding in the grass with thier shining iredencent head wings poking about. Unable to resist the sparkling object, the tsuki will walk right into the minna's trap.
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