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Tragelaphus unicornus

Tragelaphus unicornus, a species concept I came up with a while back. Like it says in the devart description, it's a unicorn based off of a spiral horned antelope rather than a horse. Oddly enough, the classical unicorn description is closer to a spiral horned antelope than a horse or even than the oryx, which inspired the myth in the first place.

I haven't yet decided if they fit in the kifarasi world scape (see my first post here) or a parallell universe, or in the present day, or what. But they live in thick forests that humans haven't (often) invaded. The danger of their coat color is offset by their superiour sight and smell, meaning they can run away from a predator long before the predator knows they are there. Their young, not so sensitive to the outside world, are the most vulnerable, which is why it is so rare to see one. The hornless females and young are sometimes taken for albino deer. The males use their horns to defend themselves. They are more adept at it than other antelope because they have strong and flexible necks, meaning they can gouge any assailant within a yard of their head. Because of this, most small predators leave them alone when they venture out of hiding and go to drink- leading to the myth that they are magical. They are only two or three feet tall when full grown. They usually live in pairs, a female and a male with the female's most recent young. They prefer to congregate in small gourps, but it is difficult when line-of-sight is so severly limited by their habitat. They live about twenty years, old for an antelope species, and can mate at five years. Males do not fully grow their horn until they are ten or so, and thus most don't find a mate until then.

Just random thoughts on the species and such. No real order here. What does everyone think about them?
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