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Tigan (if anyone reads all this. . . I praise you XD)

Location Amalia Galaxy
Age Approx. 2 Million years
Orbit 150,000,000 km from Sun
Diameter 71,492
Year Length 300 days
Day Length 25 hours
Moons G'tie: blue moon H'lon: Silver, larger moon.

Up in the North, in the Universe Homeland, it stays night most of the time, due to the planets unusal tilt. Yet, even with the tilt, the southern most area stays frozen, mainly because of the Tigan who live there keep it that way. That is true in other places on the planet as well. Where there are Lighting Tigan, there are lightning storms. Earth Tigan and jungles. Rock Tigan and endless sand and rocks. Fire Tigan, and the only volcano on the planet. And ect.

The belief of the Tigan is that R'nuolan and Necra, together, created the planet on an urge to have something to control. Some think for entertainment.

The Universe Tigan were the first type of Tigan to exist, all over the planet. Up north was just where the kingdom was. They were concidered primitive, but also highly intelligent and wise. They collected food, made their own shelter out of raw materials, prayed and and lived without technology. As time went on however, certian Tigan began to change. They changed in build, in color, and in power. At first, some Tigan thought it was a disease, and feared greatly when they bore a child who wasn't like everyone else. But it became so common, that soon, there were many shapes and colors of Tigan, some alike, some not.

They broke into their own groups. Going with those who shared similar powers they did. These were the new elements. They formed their own kingdoms and alliences. The first of the new elements claimed to be kings and queens, something that was passed down from then on. But they tried to stay on the same sort of customs their predisecers did, to keep up tradition. It changed very quickly. The new elements began to get a taste for meat, and became hunters of certain animals on the planet, breaking peace. The Universe Tigan pulled back, and refused to have anything to do with these new customs.

Seeking entertainment, Tigan began to fight. And it was thought as a sport. Tornaments were held, and magic was used against one another. Some Dark Tigan, realized they could create matter with their magic, and weapons were brought on. The others learned of this as well, and it became common among all Tigan. All but the Universe Tigan.

Before long, war broke out. Elements thought themselves better than others, and wanted to prove it in a show of strength. The first to start this war, were the Darks and the Lights. Both asked for help, and in turn, all the elements but Universe joined sides. During the war, two languages were formed, so that the other side would not be able to understand the plans if they were to overhear. The war lasted five and a half years, before the a group of Angels stepped in to make peace treaties. In the timeline here, on this site, the war has been over for almost 25 years.

Technology Something that is steadily growing. They are coming up with new ways to protect themselvses, new medicine, and new weapons. There was also a bit of cloning going on, and crossing animals. But the labs were shut down by royals.

Tigan are based off felines. Mainly big cats, since their forms vary so much, it could be like a leopard, lion, tiger, ect.

Their eyes are as strong as humans in normal light, sometimes better, and they can see fairly well in the dark. Eye colors can be nearly any color at all, rarely two different colors of each eye.

Their muzzles are much the shape of a lion’s, the narrowness being different among each Tigan. Noses are normally triangular, though they can be different sizes. Almost always black. On the muzzle are a few whiskers, most of the time white.

Tigan Paws are different sizes, but their thumb is lower down so they may hold onto something (such as a weapon in fighting) Along the ability to move onto their hind legs and stand erect like a human. It takes no practice or time at all to do. Young Tigan can do it easily, it being something all Tigan could always do. It takes only a few seconds to rear onto their back legs, and they can do it while walking or running.

At birth, a Tigan’s eyes are closed. They have no whiskers. Their ears are thin and flat against the skull, and their limbs are tiny.. They have tiny little fluffy tails. Cubs are normally very very fluffy, loosing most of their fluff (depending on element) at a later age. Generally only one cub is born, but its not surprising at times to see two or three, though identical cubs are uncommon.

Their eyes open after about a week and a half, and their eyes are normally bright green, fading into the color it will be for the rest of their life after about a year.

Ages: 1-2 Infants
2-5 Toddlers
6-13 Child
14-39 Young Adults
40-200 Adults
201-??? Elder

When Tigan get around 60 years of age, their aging slows down, and they don't really seem to age until getting closer to 200. Which is how they live for so long.

Females are able to conceive at around age 40 until somewhere around 170. Gestation period lasts for about 170-180 days. Give or take. Though, Tigan can start getting sexually active from age 25 on.

The body structure can vary as much as someone's personality. No two Tigan are exactly the same. Though, with certain elements, there are similarities that MOST share:

Light: Light Tigan normally have hair on their heads, or something like an unfinished mane of some sort. Along with some hair on the back of both their front or back ankles, and fluffy ends on their long tails. Normally light main colors, though they can have darker markings.

Angel: Angel Tigan are very sleek. They normally have pelts that shimmer, not like metallic, but like they've spent days working on grooming their fur. Very lustrous. All Angels have arch feathery wings, large wings. The feathers are metallic, but can be any color at all, from light colors to dark colors. Angels tend to have more narrow heads, and longer muzzles, though not by much.

Wind: Wind Tigan are also very lean. They're fast and strong, able to withstand harsh windy conditions. They have a light walk, normally barely keeping their paws on the ground while walking. Their ears tend to be a bit larger, and more shaped, moving them around like a satellite.

Ice: Ice Tigan have normally what looks like a short pelt, but their fur is really thick and insolated. It can thicken itself in freezing temperatures, and thin again if they enter a warmer climate.

Snow: Snow Tigan generally have rather fluffy pelts, or fluffier in some places on them than on others. They have long, yet very bushy tails, and a double-layered coat to keep them warm.

Lightning: Lightning Tigan are the fastest element, generally. They move like cheetahs, and some end up with that body shape. Even the stockiest of Lightning Tigan are very quick. They have long, smooth tails to help them balance themselves when running, able to make sharp turns.

Sun: Sun Tigan are very bright in color, easily sticking out in some environments, blending in with others. They tend to be bright yellows, oranges, or reds. Though other colors may sometimes be thrown in. Their body form varies.

Day: Day Tigan are also very bright in color, pastels of just about any color. They also tend to have hair styles of some sort, normally in dark shades.

Star: Star Tigan are normally a little thicker, though thats not always the case. If they have markings, they will normally glow in starlight, changing from whatever color they were to a bright white, only for a period of time.

Cloud: Cloud Tigan have downy coats for the most part, one of the softest pelts in the Tigan Kingdom. Most can fly, and developed wings. Their wings are more like a bird of preys, having a color on the tops that fades into a lighter color near the wing tips.

Sky: Sky Tigan have wings as well, though theirs tend to be narrower, for faster flight. Not all Sky Tigan have wings however, and are quite happy living on land. Their bones are semi hallow, almost like a birds, giving them easy and quick flight.

Water: Water Tigan tend to have webbed toes, that is only noticeable when they swim, though some are more pronounced. They can have flipper like tails, or more webbed like a fish tail. They can have just about any kind of webbed appendage. Excellent swimmers, built for the water.

Galaxy: Galaxy Tigan are almost always multicolored. Normally they will have a base color, with another color tye dyed into it. They always have some sort of constellation on their fur, in one place or another. They traditionally get three earrings, with a jewel hanging from the middle one (Not the elemental jewel) More pronounced facial fur.

Song: Song Tigan are very fluffy, though they don't have the under pelt like Snow do. They normally will have either a wolf, or fox like tail, and some have had more like a bushy ferret tail. They all have lovely voices (of course) that they sing with.

Dark: Dark Tigan, are of course, normally dark in color, though that isn't always the case. Darks naturally have roughed up fur, though some keep themselves well groomed.

Fire: Fire Tigan generally are shades of orange or red, though that's not always the case. They tend to have more narrow eyes, more like a reptile almost. They can withstand amazing degrees of heat. Most have trouble in cooler conditions, not having much insulation.

Hail: Hail Tigan are stocky, though it really all depends on the Tigan. They have shorter tails generally, with fluffy tufts at the end. They can withstand many things if they were hit, having tougher skin than most Tigan.

Storm: Storm Tigan normally look very roughed up. Depending on the preference of their powers, they can look different. They can control blizzards, tornados, lightning/thunderstorms, hurricanes, ect. Normally, they have more power with one than the others.

Thunder: Thunder Tigan have the loudest roars of all Tigan, sometimes deafening. They have thick limbs, generally bigger boned than most Tigan. They can be rather shaggy as well, built more like a Tiger.

Moon: Moon Tigan tend to have very short fur, except on their legs. They almost always have some sort of moon shape on them, from any part of the moons cycle. They spend more time awake during the night, so their eyes are just a tad larger than normal, and work better in the dark.

Night: Night Tigan, like Moon, have shorter fur. They will tend to be dark colors to blend with the night, but bright grays and blues aren't uncommon either. They have large ears and eyes to function well at night. If they develop wings, they normally are like bat or dragon wings, sometimes more like an owl.

Rock: Rock Tigan are normally physically powerful, built larger, like Thunders. Most can withstand harsh conditions, standing their own ground against them. They'll tend to have fur on the back of their neck, which sometimes goes down the spine like a zebra mane. (More common in Males) Larger paws than most Tigan.

Venom: Venom Tigan stand out a bit. They can have scales in place of fur on their body. They can also have more whip-like tails, though regular smooth tails are just as common. Sometimes they will have two rear fangs, along with some smaller teeth. If they don't have fangs, their teeth are larger. Also can have forked tongue, in different sizes, either black or dirty pink. Not many have all those traits at once. Colors vary. Bright venomous colors, or deep swampy colors.

Earth: Earth Tigan have a natural talent with animal and plant life, making many of them scientists. They're built more like a leopard or Jaguar, having amazing climbing skills.

Rain: Rain Tigan will have droopy ears normally, that look like they've wilted in the rain. Misty colors, that will sometimes mix with brighter colors. Generally, then end of their tails are kind of fluffy.

Universe: All Universe Tigan have pelts that look like a separate moving picture of space, different places in the Universe. They're peaceful, though they have immense power. Vegetarians. They do not fight for sport like other Tigan, but look down upon it.

All Tigan can have hairstyles, short or long tails, bulcky bodies or small ones. The information above is just basic guidelines. Tigan personalities are NOT determined by the element. Just because they are a Dark, doesn't mean they are evil. Just because they are an Angel, doesn't mean they're saints.

Tigan Statuses: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Teacher, Trainer, Personal Trainer, Healer, Warrior, Thief (Bandit), Spy, Philosopher, Scientist, Biologist, Water Biologist, Wanderer, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Priest, Writer, Artist (Painting, sketching, sculpting) Archeologist, Builder, Composer, Entertainer (Singing, Musician, Dancing, Comedy, ect) Servant, Farmer, Blacksmith, Merchant, Guard.

Theres a tad more. . .but I shall not bore you. http://tiganworld.proboards22.com/index.cgi
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