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Information, I implore thee

I have a problem. More like a dilemma. In my story, I just realized that I'm going to have to write an equine battle scene. A one-on-one encounter is inevitable, an army-vs-army is likely.

I have more experience with zebras and bovids than horses, but the general impression I get from those is a highly ritualized, low-risk display to intimidate the other without taking heavy casualties. And it's all one-on-one. The only difference between my created species and normal horses is that 1) they are around 4 ft tall at the shoulder but built like draft horses, and 2) they've been selectively bred to think like humans. Not in the sense that they are creative or terribly bent around moral codes, but that they think logically and can use past memories to form tactics. They probably wouldn't use guerilla warfare, and they have no weapons or armor.

I need some information on the following, if anyone has any experience with them.
1) If you've ever seen horses fight, please describe in detail. Mention whether it was over a mare, over territory, against another species fighting for its life, etc.
2) If you have information on (medieval/Arab/Chinese/any other culture that raised them) war horses in battle, that'd be great. How do they react to violence, loud noises, blood, confusion, each other, etc. What they do without a rider.

Plus, if you know of any books with good equine battles, that'd be good. All I can think of are a few unicorn and deer books that have battles, but they all have antlers or horns or magic of some kind.

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