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I just found this community on a break from writing papers, and thought I'd start by filling out the questionnaire I saw on the most recent post by vekke
I'm currently working a little bit on 'future animals' and creating something different from Dougal Dixon's animals or those seen in 'The Future is Wild'. I a preliminary sketch up on Sheezyart, but it's down now so I'll have to wait until later to post. When I get more free time I'd like to create whole environments, but I'm busy with classwork right now.

1) What is the setting for this/these species? Earth in the future, thinking maybe 10 million years but may change

2) What is the species status on this world? common ungulate, browser, undecided whether its rodent or lagamorph

3) What other species do they coexist with? trying to think of others, will be able to when I get more time, but thinking of a carnivorous pig descendant

4) How far have they expanded? currently worldwide

5) Are there different species or variations within the world? Not yet, needs more time
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