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Original Species Community

Original Species
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Original species community

Hello! Welcome to the Original Species Community. Amateur Authors/Artists of Science Fiction or Fantasy works populate this community. It’s a place for discussion, problem solving, brainstorming, and critique. If you have a question for a member about their species and their habits, feel free to ask. Whether you are merely here out of curiosity, or if you want help designing your own species, this is a great place to gather. From spur of the moment creations to entire worlds created over years of time, there’s always room for expansion and feedback.

This community deals with creative and original ideas. If you feel insecure about strangers seeing and possibly copying your ideas, it is simple to make your posts member-only viewable. If members are caught copying an original trait without the original creator’s consent, they will be encouraged to leave or redesign their species. We will help you redesign your species, if you wish.