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...okay, this is the part where I stop being lazy and post something! :D Anywho, I have about 20+ critters, sooooo I'll just use m' favorite fer this(though...a parent shouldn't have a favorite child!)! ^-^;;

Name- Yuzu-yuzu (Pomumdentis bestia)
Setting- Da weird lil' sliver watered, blue sanded planet of mine, Xanadu! *snickers* Xanadu...
Type- Completely original, I guess. It kinda looks like an elephant/chameleon hyrbid. It's a monotreme by the way..
Purpose- Fer fun....and the fact that I have no life! XD
Social- They mate fer life, sharing their lil' patch of rain forset which they both scent mark daily with scent glands on their cheeks. The only creature Yuzu's really minded are the Sus because they also enjoy the Jiubjiub fruit and the Sus will attack(and snack on) a Yuzayuzu if annoyed with.
Diet- The yummy Jiubjiub fruit! It's goooood! ;D
Sophistication- About as smart as a chimp. They also have great memories.
Originality- Ummm...I don't know...dur..
Plans- Not really, Xanadu is really just something I created so I could draw stuff when I got bored...^-^;;
Plot- Once again, not really.
Age- I've been creatin' Xanadu the planet fer lil' over a year. The Yuzuyuzu's the 16th animal I've created fer Xanadu...the species about three months old..

Weeeee!! Now google at them and be ascared of their big, ol' eyes!! Like my friend! XD Blah, I need a place to put all my critters 'cause deviantart keeps banning me because of my ISP address thingie...double blah! X(
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